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Speed Surveys

The speed people travel outside your site determines the junction visibility requirement.  The default assumption is that everyone travels at the speed limit.  This is unlikely in a lot of situations.  If you are struggling to achieve the default visibility at your site, a speed survey may justify a reduced provision.

Helix will carry out the speed survey (compliant with TA22/81) and the necessary analysis to determine your site specific visibility requirement.

Parking Surveys

In locations where the existing demand for on-street parking may, or does, cause obstruction to the highway, the local planning authority will be particularly concerned by a proposal that is likely to increase demand ore reduce provision.

If your development proposals have raised parking as a concern, Helix can provide, as required: a survey of the existing parking demand; a forecast of the likely future demand; measurement of parking capacity; or a redesign to maximise the parking capacity.

Traffic Surveys

Helix carry out most of our traffic surveys in house.  We also offer a traffic survey service on a sub-consultancy basis.
Feasibility / Due Diligence

Feasibility / Due Diligence

Providing an impartial assessment of the transport related risks and opportunities at your development prospect.

Transport Assessment

Transport Assessment / Statement

The systematic appraisal of transport demand and mitigation, required for most planning applications.

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement

Required for large development proposals, the ES is focused on the amenity of the transport proposals.

Helix Transportation Consultant Design


Highway / access / parking layout design undertaken

Transportation Surveys


Speed Surveys / Traffic Surveys / Parking Surveys

Helix Transportation Consultant


Representations made on your behalf, focussed on relevant transport policy issues