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Transport Assessment / Statement

Even applications for relatively small development proposals can require a Transport Assessment (TA).

‘Far too often developers fail to submit a Transport Assessment (TA)  or Transport Statement (TS) with their planning applications. In some other cases, a TA or TS is submitted but regrettably in advance of agreeing on the scope and content of the assessment with the Highway Authority.  This inevitably results in delays in the processing of Planning Applications as key criteria that form the basis of the assessment has not been agreed with the highway authority.’  Staffordshire County Council

At its core the TA will need to: detail how the site connects to the transportation networks; quantify the likely additional demand on those networks; propose improvements to accommodate any additional demand, and set out a strategy for reducing the need to travel (especially single occupancy private car peak hour trips).

The scope of your TA depends on the scale of your proposals and/or how sensitive the location is to change.  For small developments or even some larger ones in recognised development zones, it may be sufficient to provide a simplified TA (in the form of a Transport Statement (TS)).  In any event agreeing the scope of the assessment can be a significant challenge in itself.

Here at Helix, we have the expertise you need to scope and produce TA’s and TS’s that meet the planning authority’s requirements.

If you have a query or would like a quote for preparing a Scoping Report, TA or TS, please do not hesitate to contact us

Transport Assessment / Statement
Feasibility / Due Diligence

Feasibility / Due Diligence

Providing an impartial assessment of the transport related risks and opportunities at your development prospect.

Transport Assessment

Transport Assessment / Statement

The systematic appraisal of transport demand and mitigation, required for most planning applications.

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement

Required for large development proposals, the ES is focused on the amenity of the transport proposals.

Helix Transportation Consultant Design


Highway / access / parking layout design undertaken

Transportation Surveys


Speed Surveys / Traffic Surveys / Parking Surveys

Helix Transportation Consultant


Representations made on your behalf, focussed on relevant transport policy issues